Astimax IPV

Astimax IPV is a cloud based PBX that adapts to all your possible needs. An elaborate feature set offers you a wide variety of choices. Astimax IPV combines the amenities of an established PBX appliance with the merits of a cloud based solution. Be sure to benefit from unique features like Astimax Speech to Text (Astimax STT), seamless takeover, or integration of WebRTC.

Astimax service

We tend to your needs! Those 5 words are a promise you can rely on. Support, sales and software development work in close co-operation to create highly specialised solutions for every possible customer requirement.

No need to look for a FAQ section – there is none. Why? Because our highly skilled support team personally helps you along – by phone, by email, or even on-site if you wish so. And we know our business! With more than 10 years of VoIP experience there is no problem we cannot solve.

Astimax Speech to Text

Astimax VMSTT uses speech to text transcription to convert aural voicemail messages into written text messages. Why?

  • Because it’s faster! The human brain processes written text up to 7 times faster than spoken words.
  • Because it’s more flexible! You decide when and where you want to read your messages.
  • Because it’s more discreet! When retrieving your voicemail you do not want anybody listening in – benefit from text messages that can be read at your convenience.
  • Because it’s more comfortable! Archive your text messages and be sure to find information quickly whenever you need it. Information retrieval is easy since you can search for specific data by keyword.

Astimax Seamless Takeover

Seamless takeover is a great feature to facilitate your everyday business. Especially designed for persons with extensive use of mobile phones and high mobility. Take a call on your office extension and – if you need to leave your office – transfer it to your mobile. The caller will not even notice the switch. If you use a headset compatible with both your mobile and office phone you do not even have to change headsets. Of course, transferring a call from your mobile phone to your office extension (e.g. because the battery is running low) works just as smoothly as vice versa.


Communication via WebRTC introduces a whole new range of possibilities. Be it attending a teleconference or establishing a voice connection to your company all of it is possible with just a single click in your browser. Provide a link to your personal Astimax VCC in your email signature. All the caller needs to do is click on the link and thereby establish an audio connection to your office extension. Astimax handles calls via VCC just like any other calls. All call features like parking, transferring, toggling, and routing are available.

WebRTC is indispensible especially for service companies or online shops. It offers a simple way for communication without media discontinuity. Also, WebRTC gives your additional means for targeted user guidance. Provide your customers with the right contact and eliminate the need for email and telephone information or contact forms. Thus you gain unrivalled customer proximity.


Astimax ACD

Astimax ACD includes various tools for callflow optimization. Define among others call queues, calling patterns, number of calls waiting or prioritization of VIP calls. An integrated IVR feature allows you to create even sophisticated callflows easily. With Astimax ACD you can identify opportunities for improving the reach ability of your business and thereby increase customer and employee satisfaction. Astimax ACD features are:

  • Astimax ACD reports
  • Astimax ACD statistics
  • Astimax ACD monitoring
  • Astimax ACD SiMo
  • Astimax ACD recording