Advanced communication with Astimax

Astimax appliances are highly scalable and offer an elaborate feature set – regardless wether you need an Astimax IP PBX or Astimax conference server. As manufacturer we have a skilled and reliable support team who work in close cooperation with our software engineering team. Thus any questions or problems can be resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

Astimax IP PBX and Conference Server

Astimax IP PBX

Nowadays unified communication is an often discussed topic but what are the implications for everyday use? With Astimax unified communication stands for integration of different media as well as providing presence information for individual users. Therefore Astimax appliances come with a wide variety of tools, e.g. fax2mail, voicemail, Astimax VPL operator panel, Astimax LiveConference for comfortably managing teleconferences… Astimax IP PBXs offer the right solution for everybody from small-sized businesses to large-scale headquarters or branch operations. All appliances have an identical feature set and an identical administrator interface hence providing e.g. one number service (ONS) for integration of mobile phones, easy configuration of call queues, and provisioning of devices. The conference license bundle transforms your PBX into a powerful and capable conference server. With Astimax you will get a comprehensive Asterisk VoIP PBX at a competitive price and with a hassle-free licensing model.

Astimax IPV the virtual solution

Flexibility is essential these days. Everyone and everything is exspected to adapt to various requirements. Astimax IPV provides you with the necessary flexibility for your business communication. Next quarter, do you need additional employees for a new project? Just upgrade your Astimax IPV to the required number of users. Integrated into your unified communication solution Astimax IPV systems offer every feature needed for efficient work: fax2mail, voicemail, an operator panel (Astimax VPL), individual conference rooms complete with a conference management tool (Astimax LiveConference), and many more. Just focus on you daily business. Astimax IPV systems are hosted at ADDIX’ datacenter in Kiel, Germany, while the choice of a VoIP provider is up to you. With redundant broadband connections, redundant uninterruptible power supplies as well as a standby generator, onsite security including CCTV and access restriction to authorized persons the ADDIX datacenter meets all high availability and security requirements.